Vertical solar mounting system

  • SG solar
  • Xiamen
  • 14 days
  • 10000unit/month

Easy, quick installation,Ideal for mounting solar panel for saving land space

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Why vertical solar system?

1. SG solar vertical solar bracket can save a lot of land area on site, the real site photo as follow:

vertical bracket

2. This is a design specifically designed for areas with heavy snow cover. It is safe to use it for up to 30 years without accumulating snow.


3. No need for large-scale after maintenance, only with minimal maintenance costs.


4. Dual sides power generation, which can have 2 peak power generation peaks in a day, greatly providing power generation capacity.

and easy installation.

vertical bracket

5.Another advantage that flows from mounting solar panels vertically is it allows room between them for crops to grow

without the need for tall mounting systems that allow farm machinery to operate underneath.

6.“Bifacial solar panels can use solar energy from both sides. Installed in an east-west orientation,

most electricity is generated in the mornings and evenings. This would reduce the need for electricity storage

and at the same time keep the space required for electricity generation low.

7. the solar systems can easily be set up on agricultural land. This creates additional earning opportunities for farmers

and increases the area potential for renewable energies. 

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