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Xiamen Shang Guang Solar Technology Co.,Ltd

Xiamen Shang Guang Solar Technology Co., Ltd  located in Xiamen,China,which is a new energy hightech enterprise specializes
in research and development , producton , sales and service of photovoltaic products , and is committed to providing customers with stable,
reliable , cost-effective and efficient whole photovoltaic system solutions.

Xiamen Shang Guang Solar Technology

Since the establishment of company , it's photovoltaic products:solar modules, solar mounting brackets,inverters, pv cables,
grid cabinets, combiner boxes, street lights, etc have been successfully sold to Japan, Europe ,india . Korea , Southeast Asia ,
USA etc more than 30 countries and regions.We have multiple offices in globally.

Xiamen Shang Guang Solar Technology

Xiamen Shang Guang Solar Technology

Xiamen Shang Guang Solar Technology

Xiamen Shang Guang Solar Technology

We have obtained multiple international certifications such as ISO, SGS, JIS, CE, AAA, and over one 

hundred corporate honors, making us one of the few outstanding photovoltaic enterprises.


Our factory is the top company in aluminum industry with about 900 thousand m2 production base, 45 aluminum extrusion production
lines internationally advanced assembly and an annual production capacity of solar mounting system as 90mw/month.We control
the quality by ISO9001 quality control system. Have a national level laboratory and do all strength tests before shipping. Our products
have strictly certified according to GB/T 5237, Japan (JIS), America (AA) and other countries' standards, and enjoy good reputation
from all over the world.



Factory Productivity

Factory Productivity

Stress anaylysis capability

Design accordance with international standards strictly and provide customers professional photovoltaicsolutions.From the simulation
result, you can see the strength of the structure, whether it is sufficient or not enough, or is over strong.As far as I know, there are
few companies in our area which can make strength verification like this.Even if the strength is sufficient, the strength can also be adjusted
through confirmation of the stress verification ratio to change parts specification to reduce costs.Generally, the stress calculation
is calculated by the professional engineer in building company, however, our structural calculation was calculated by our own engineer.
It proved that SG solar is different from other companies. If the usage of stress verification on strength in a best way, it can meet
the strength and the low price at the same time.Through structural analysis, we ensured strength while also achieving cost control,
so under the same design conditions, our prices will be definitely cheaper than others by repeatedly verification.


 Our rich product line, professional R&D and design team, well-educated production, management, and sales team, and strict design
in accordance with international norms and standards have earned us the favor and praise from numerous customers. The company
has always adhered to the policy of "independent innovation, customer priority" and made significant contributions to promoting
the development of renewable energy and carbon-emission reduction in society.

 renewable energy  renewable energy

carbon-emission reduction

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carbon-emission reduction

carbon-emission reduction

carbon-emission reduction

carbon-emission reduction

carbon-emission reduction

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    Global Installation

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    Global Projects

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Our Advantage

  • Technical support :Stress analysis

    Technical support :Stress analysis

    Our stress analysis calculation is very comprehensive and detailed. we ensure the structural safety of the brackets system through stress analysis, and determine the appropriate materials through repeated calculations to avoid material waste. Adjusting materials by adjusting stress ratio to ensure strength while better controlling costs.

  • International Standards

    International Standards

    Our design strictly follows international standards such as JIS standards, European standards, and American standards. We have obtained over 100 international certificates and tests, and our products have been tested before shipping.All components are ensured to comply with national standards and specifications, while also ensuring the convenience of construction.

  • Professional Teams

    Professional Teams

    We have a very professional sales team who can respond within 2 hours and provide quotations and solutions within 24 hours. We can provide customers with fast, meticulous, professional, and timely services. Our production team has years of rich production experience, production skills, and professional industry experience to ensure the best quality products for customers.

  • ISO9001 Quality System

    ISO9001 Quality System

    Our production strictly follows the requirements of the ISO quality management system, and it is inspected and shipped according to the ISO standard procedures to ensure the best quality.

  • After-Sale Service

    After-Sale Service

    All shipments have free spare parts to ensure that there is no shortage of items on site All delivered products have additional parts and free of charge to ensure customers do not have any shortage of parts at the installation site.

  • Competitive Prices

    Competitive Prices

    Under the same design conditions, our price will be definitely cheaper than other companies. Contact us to help you achieve the lowest photovoltaic cost.

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