Foldable Triangle Solar Kit System1

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  • 10000pcs per month

Foldable Triangle solar kit
1. It can be folded, convenient to move, and portable and easy to take when going out.
2. Easy installation, almost no installation work is required on site.
3. Complete accessories: brackets, inverters, and boards are well matched for shipment.
4. Widely used, walls, courtyards, roofs, and balconies can all be installed.

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Foldable triangular solar kit
1. It can be folded, convenient to move, and portable when going out. Plug and Play. Portable and foldable, suitable for various places: courtyards, walls, balconies, outdoor.
2. Before shipment, it was pre assembled and there was almost no installation work on site, making it fast and easy to install manually.
3. Integrated design, equipped with micro inverters, solar panels, and cable integrated support brackets. The foldable triangular solar kit is a simple kit system with an adjustable angle bracket that can adjust the tilt angle to meet the maximum photovoltaic power generation. Equipped with micro frequency converters and high-quality panels, the opening angle can be adjusted to maximize power generation capacity. Adjustable angle, facing sunlight directly, providing users with more energy.
1. Board output power: 400A~550W
2. Installation: Manual
3. Application scope: courtyard, wall, balcony, outdoor
4. Application monitoring and MPPT controller optimization for power generation efficiency
5. Warranty: 12 years, after-sales service 20 years, service life 25 years

solar PV Panel
Module efficiency16~21.28%
Current at Maximum Power (Imp)13.16A
CellMonocrystalline PERC 182*91mm
FrameAnodized aluminum alloy
Weight29 kg
Micro inverter
Recommended module power
320 to 540+W
Maximum Input current 14A
Rated output power
Rated output current
Nominal output voltage/range (V)1230/180 ~ 275
Dimension184.5* 204.5*26mm
Weight1.71 kg
AC- Extension Cableoptional
Length of Cable5 / 10 m
Rated Voltage :AC 230V
CertificateVDE ,CE
General Parameter
Enclosure ratingOutdoor-IP67 (NEMA 6)
Ambient temperature range ()-40 to +65

Foldable Triangle Mounting Kit

Foldable solar system


Q1: What is the minimum order quantity for this set of products?
A: Minimum 1 set

Q2: Can you provide samples?
A: Yes. We provide free samples and welcome you to inspect our samples.

Q3: How long is the delivery time?
A: The sample takes 1-2 days, and mass production takes approximately 1-3 weeks, depending on the quantity. If we have inventory, we can ship immediately after payment.

Q4: What price is it?
A: According to different specifications and design conditions, a complete set is approximately $150~450portable solar systemt.

Q5: What kind of solar panel is suitable for use?
A: Almost all solar panel specifications can be applied, and we have matched panels with corresponding power generation rates

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